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Stars at Night


AM, a 39 years old Egyptian passionate woman who mostly lived in Egypt. I like to dance – very much -, music, cars, painting, jogging and yoga.


I AM a psychic medium, a healer and teacher trained at Arthur Findlay College in UK and with


I AM also a Corporate Lawyer, a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter and an Ex-wife.

I studied French Law, Egyptian Law and International -European Business Law at Paris I - Sorbonne University.


My native language is Arabic, fluent in French, English and work in progress in German.

I was raised by a conservative religious Egyptian parents. They did their best!

I  did everything my society and my parents were excepting from me:

✔︎ I graduated from a high ranked university with master degree.

✔︎ I got married at the age of 23 - I was madly in love.

✔︎ I lived in a beautiful neighborhood and decent house.

✔︎ I have a lovely daughter who is 13 years, my true  companion in life.

✘ I got divorced at the age of 29 - "Oops " – not cool.

✔︎ I succeeded in my legal career until I reached a high ranked managerial position at the age of 32 in an absolutely reputable International German company – brilliant salary and bonuses.

✔︎ My daughter got accepted in what they claim to be the best dream school ever – how silly!!!

✔︎ At the age of 32, I got my own house, German sports car, I had luxurious belongings, I travelled the world, fun parties, dinners and events…etc - I admit, I had so much fun.

✔︎ I had many friends and good connection, so I had a reasonably easy life.

✔︎ ✘ I also had my share of bitter and sweet relationships.

At the age of 32, I got all I have ever wanted and dreamed of and fulfilled my promises to the society and to my family , then I realized that I got absolutely consumed, got physically ill, burned out and felt so lonely and lost.


At this point in time, I started seeking all kind of healing, coaching and anything that you could ever think of to support myself through my struggles.

Only energy healing methods along with some mental work did help tremendously and with my analytical critical and skeptical mind, I decided to study all kind of healing . I wanted to find evidence, how did it work, what did those healers do… and never thought I would be one of them!!!

Remember!! I AM  originally a lawyer so evidence must kill all doubts… So I studied mostly in UK and Egypt different healing modalities.

And at the point when I finished the psychic and mediumship studies, everything made perfect sense to me, sadly NOT to my friends, family or society …

My life shifted completely, I found the evidence, I found the connection, I found a kind of secret joy and love and I finally found MY SELF.

I understood how healing works and I got all the tools and evidence that I needed. Well, we are all multidimensional beings, how come no one ever told us that!!!


I reached a point where I had to reshuffle my mind completely and shifted how I live.

I got absolutely absorbed by such phenomena of mediumship and the healing it brings and BOOM my life started to make sense but I fail my society tremendously …

Life got more uncertain, sometime difficult but exciting and harmonious with who I became and who I really AM.

And, whenever I get lost, troubled or confused, I always find answers, sometimes harsh sad truth and not necessarily what I wanted to hear, yet my connection  to spirts and to MY SELF has ALWAYS brought clarity, understanding and acceptance to every single situation in my life. Not that I have the perfect life, I still have my challenges, but  I found a precious tool that is helping me to navigate through life.

I learned it the hard way with facts, logics and studies until I totally surrendered to the process.

I offer my knowledge to teach you how to connect and open your wi-fi to tune into YOUR SELF, the spirit world, your guides and your loved ones who have passed on.


We can all train our clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience abilities to channel between the spiritual and the physical world and bring healing to both sides.  

P.S: By the way when I was a child, I never saw any ghosts or angels and I was never gifted in any possible way and never believed in any of this stuff .


SO  here I AM, are you ready for the ride?